Potatoes have been around for roughly 7,000 years, when people began cultivating them in South America. You probably eat them in one form or another every week, right? Most people do. But do you ever wonder why the potato is such a common produce? It’s a vegetable with a lot of genius qualities. In fact, so many that we knew we just had to make it drinkable. 


Did you know?

in Space

Potatoes Aren't
Full of
Fast Carbs

Potatoes are One
of the World's
Most Sustainable

Yup, that’s right. In. Space. In 1995, the potato became the first food to be cultivated in space, on the Columbia space shuttle

Contrary to popular belief, different types of potatoes have varying glycaemic index (GI) values. Varieties like Asterix, Gala, Inova, Cerisa, Amandine have lower GI. If you let them cool down after cooking, their GI values decrease even more.

You can cultivate them almost anywhere, and they don’t need much at all to grow. One hectare can yield over a quarter of a million portions of food, with a very low carbon footprint.



Potatoes are Stuffed with Antioxidants

Forget salad, apples or tomatoes. Some types of potatoes contain as many antioxidants as blueberries.

Potatoes are Nutrient-Packed

Potatoes contain almost all the nutrients we humans need. That means you can almost live on potatoes alone! They’re a perfect mix of protein, vitamins, minerals, fibre and carbohydrates. All you would need to add is vitamins A and D, that you can’t find in potatoes.

High-Level Potato Science

DUG drinks aren’t made by simply squeezing potatoes. There’s a lot more to it. The secret method for making DUG drinks is a patented emulsion of potatoes and rapeseed oil developed by Professor Eva Tornberg at Lund University in Sweden. That’s what binds it all together to give DUG its genius qualities.
When we created DUG, it was super important to us to make sure you can use it just like any other milk. Whether you’re pouring it in your coffee or tea, baking or cooking, DUG will never separate. That makes it the perfect everyday alternative to any dairy or plant-based drink.

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Pour it in your cereal bowl, mix it into your smoothies, put it in your hot drinks, use it for cooking your favourite dishes or just enjoy it by the glass. DUG Original is your new everyday hero, fit for every occasion.

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DUG Original

Coffee lovers: meet your new best friend. DUG Barista is a delicious potato-based drink designed to add creaminess to any hot drink. And it foams just the way you want it to. The perfect choice for all the pro (and non-pro) baristas.

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DUG Barista

No added sugar, just pure great tasting potato-based goodness. This one’s for all those who want a great tasting plant-based drink but with less sweetness. Just as good at getting that foam perfect as it is enjoyable on its own.

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DUG Unsweetened