Do you use organic potatoes?

No, we don’t. The organic production of food products results in significantly poorer yields compared to conventionally grown potatoes. We strive more for it to be sustainable than to be organic. We believe more in sustainability for the next generation.


Where is DUG made?

We currently have our production of DUG based in England where our sales are going very well. Our focus on sustainability means that we work closely with our customers and consumers.


Where are the raw materials produced?

The raw materials come mainly from Europe. We use the dried variety of potatoes, so-called potato flakes, so we don’t need to transport water. Unfortunately, there is no production of potato flakes in Sweden.

What happens to the potato peel – is it thrown away during production?

We don’t use the potato peel, but we use almost 100% of the other parts.


Why do we sweeten DUG Barista?

We sweeten our DUG Barista to be like milk. If you are looking for an unsweetened variant, we have DUG Unsweetened.


Where to buy My Foodie?

Right now, production has been suspended due to the fact that we have had problems obtaining raw materials during the pandemic. In addition, we have had our full focus on the launch of DUG. As soon as we have come to terms with this, we will continue to sell My Foodie. Keep an eye on your store!


Where does the pea protein come from?

We buy pea protein from Germany and Belgium.